Civil War Antique Photographs, Military Paper, Books, Tintypes, War Relics, Medals, Buttons, Personal Letters and other Original Documents Brought to you by Mike Brackin.
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Union SoldierWelcome to my Civil War website. I have been collecting and selling original American Civil War & US Military memorabilia for 28 years, with over 110 bimonthly mail catalogs issued since 1980.

My online website was established in 1998, and the items shown represent a fraction of the 4000 plus items I have in stock- Civil War photography, soldiers letters, documents, regimental items, newspapers, artifacts, personal items, GAR & veteran medals & military imprints.

My customers include a wide range of novice &advanced collectors in addition to some 30 federal, state & municipal museums.

All items are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic and in the condition as described.

I am a longtime member of the Company of Military Historians, the New England Antique Arms Assn, the Ephemera Society of America & the Civil War Veterans Historical Assn.

Please click the Online Catalog button above to enjoy a view of my offerings.


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Mike Brackin's Civil War 
Mail Catalog
Mike Brackin's Civil War 
Mail Catalog

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I also issue a direct mail catalog. These non-illustrated catalogs, issued bi-monthly, each list 500-600 original American Civil War and 19th Century US military items not listed online. I have over 4000 items in stock.  The subscription rate for my mail catalog is $7 per year (5 issues) payable to: 

Mike Brackin, POB 652, Winterville, NC 28590. A complimentary copy of my current mail catalog may be obtained by Email request to:


POB 652
Winterville, NC 28590




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